The KARDINAL store offers the most convenient gift option that will delight your loved ones and friends.

We offer gift certificates in various denominations.

Terms of use of the Gift Certificate

A gift certificate entitles you to choose a gift in any of our stores, for the amount indicated in it.

You can use the Gift Certificate only once and cannot be exchanged for the cash equivalent of its value.

If the value of the selected item is below the face value of the Gift Certificate, the difference is not refundable.

If the cost of the goods exceeds the face value of the Gift Certificate, the owner of the certificate pays the difference additionally.

In case of a return, goods paid for using a gift certificate can only be exchanged for other goods and cannot be exchanged for a cash equivalent.

The Gift Certificate has an unlimited validity period and is valid from the moment of its purchase.

The Gift Certificate can be used in our following stores:

– “KARDINAL LUX” – Odessa, st. Rishelevskaya, 24

– “KARDINAL-21” – Odessa, st. Rishelevskaya, 21

All the information you are interested in can be obtained by phone: +380501059999


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