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Підписуючись, ви приймаєте нашу політику конфіденційності

What is KARDINAL? It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. Because

KARDINAL is not only a brand that has been trusted by its customers for more than 25 years, but also a company in which the team remained mostly the same, all being a part of our family. KARDINAL is also a House, in which we all live and which we all love! And this house stands in the heart of our beautiful city – Odessa. Therefore, without famous Odessa humor and famous Ukrainian hospitality we won’t go anywhere.

It all started in 1995 with a small multi-brand shoe store “KARDINAL-21”, located on the street Rishelievskaya number 21. What’s interesting is that before us in the same exact building for 50 years there existed the famous shoe store “Cinderella” with scarce Italian shoes. People say history loves to repeat itself…

At that time, our company became the only retailer in Odessa, presenting a wide selection of footwear and accessories from Italian, Spanish and French luxury brands.

In 1997, our company opened the flagship store among our boutiques – “KARDINAL-

Lux”, which is located on the first floor of a historic building, on the corner of the streets Rishelevsky and Zhukovsky. This architectural monument, known in Odessa as the house Grinberg, has delighted Odessans and guests of the city since 1902. Before the revolution two floors of this magnificent building housed the famous furniture and mirror shop. It was a real high fashion place, people would not just go to this store for shopping, they would visit it for the experience and glamor.

By 2000, the company “KARDINAL-group” became the largest retailer of shoes and accessories in the premium segment in the south of Ukraine. Brands have been added

the assortment expanded, the team grew – both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our

managers regularly improve their qualifications through training and education in countries like Italy, France and England.

In 2010, after a major renovation, KARDINAL-Lux, which was already located on two floors of the famous building and covering an area of ​​more than 2000 square meters, opened its doors to everyone. Restored interior, according to archival materials, became modern while remaining classic and filled with air and light. The famous Venetian chandeliers, like a hundred years ago, again shimmer with amazing light. Classic showcase-libraries are reflected in Damascus mirrors. And the front staircase, in the returned original form, once again invites all connoisseurs and “carriers” of beauty to plunge into the atmosphere FASHION and STYLE!

Today, one can imagine that KARDINAL is a modern ocean liner that offers its customers a round-the-world trip on the best products of the fashion world. Someone wants to look mysterious, someone likes clothes that are colorful and cheerful, someone loves the classics and conciseness, and someone may just like street casual style. KARDINAL gives everyone the opportunity to receive a whole picture, see everything that happens in the fashion world and find yourself in it. The great Coco Chanel said: “Fashion passes, but style remains!”.

In our stores today you can find clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from leading global brands that are based in Italy, France, Spain, USA and UK. But the most important thing that we bring to the table in our House is the atmosphere of warmth, comfort,

goodwill, friendly conversation and a bit of Odessa humor. Doors of our Houses are always open for guests! Interior, showcases, display, wide assortment of products, professional consultants and our communication with you – this is what MAGIC arises from! After all, without magic, fashion cannot exist!

Sincerely yours, KARDINAL


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